Inspection Reports

We offer dimensional inspection reports to support your critical dimension verification and quality documentation requirements such as FAIs. Compare the benefits of each to see which is best suited for your project.


BEST FOR Verifying Protolabs’ manufacturing process controls Verifying a limited set of critical dimensions. Most cost-effective and time-efficient way to ensure critical part dimensions.
MEASUREMENTS Up to 4 plane-to-plane and OD dimensions Up to 12 measurements: ID/OD, plane-to-plane, and hole location
ELIGIBILITY All injection molding and CNC machining orders On-demand manufacturing, injection molding service

3 days: small parts*
3 to 5 days: large parts*

PRICE No additional charge Additional charges apply; call your Protolabs’ representative for details

Machining: all parts
Molding: 1 part at start of run, and approximately every 12 hours for long runs

Random selection. Quantity specified by customer.

PERFORMED BY Protolabs Protolabs or third party for large parts* and geometry constraints
HOW TO REQUEST Automatic with all on-demand manufacturing orders; all others call customer service Available with on-demand manufacturing orders; call your account representative to request
OTHER FEATURES Images of QC check Visual aid and color map included


NOTE: Third party conventional inspections, which include most GD&T measurement types, are also available for on-demand manufacturing orders to support quality documentation requirements such as FAI and PPAP. Visit our on-demand manufacturing page to learn more about our injection molding solutions. You can also call your account representative at 877-479-3680 to further discuss.

*Large parts exceed 8 in. (203mm) in diameter or 5 in. (127mm) in height; small parts fall below these dimensions.